Förhistoria på Instagram  Prehistory on Instagram

For those of you unfamiliar with my Instagram, I might describe myself as a photographer, history teacher and occasional artist, where the history teacher part is important to understand why I do what I do.

When not teaching I am exploring prehistoric sites, mythology and Nordic folklore, hoping to spread a factual, nuanced, scientific and, perhaps, a somewhat philosophical view of these subjects without being dry or lecturing.

This exploration is mostly done with the help of modern cameras sporting vintage lenses, capturing specific Swedish heritage sites or the cultural landscape in general.

I am based in Skövde, Sweden, and here is where most of my shooting occurs. That said, my Interest lies not only in my immediate environs, as I try to embrace a holistic, humanistic, geographically and culturally diverse view in the texts i write and the narrative I strive to uphold.

You might also find me dabbling in other artistic fields such as sculpture and digital art, where I tend to follow the same narrative and subject as my texts and photographs, even if I have been known to swerve towards the fantastic or the macabre on occasion.

Visit @ancient_sites on Insta.

Till början