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The gates to the abandoned churchyard at Härlunda, south of Skara.
A change in ideals made the small churches of the medieval period lose their appeal during later times, leading to the destruction of a vast number of Romanesque churches.
Likewise, the Christian religion itself has remodelled itself a number of times to reflect the changes in society and the new ideals of an ever-changing world ... or to better suit the interests of those in command. This same gradual adaptation to new dogma happens in all religions, albeit slowly. There is no such thing as an eternal, pristine and unaltered religion.
Thus, though the apocryphal Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew was widely spread during medieval times, it has not gained much traction in our modern world and it was one of many texts left out when the Bible in its contemporary form was made canon (though to be fair, this process was mostly complete when Pseudo-Matthew is thought to have been written down) :

"He was playing with some children at the bed of the Jordan. And as He sat there, Jesus made to Himself seven pools of clay, and to each of them He made passages, through which at His command He brought water from the torrent into the pool, and took it back again. Then one of those children, [...] overthrew what Jesus had built up. Then said Jesus to him: [...] Do you destroy the works which I have wrought? And immediately he who had done this died.
And again the son of Annas [...] with great fury broke down the dams which Jesus had made with His own hands [...] And when Jesus saw this, He said to that boy [...] verily the fruit of your seed shall be without strength, and your roots without moisture, and your branches withered, bearing no fruit. And immediately [...] the boy withered away, and died.
And, behold, suddenly from the opposite direction a boy [...] ran up and came against the shoulder of Jesus, wishing to make sport of Him, or to hurt Him, if he could. And Jesus said to him: You shall not go back safe and sound from the way that you go. And immediately he fell down, and died."

I suppose it stands to reason that you don't want your Lord and Saviour to come across as a petulant child-slayer.
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