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"The sun I saw, the day-star in sooth,
droop in the world of din;
but Hel’s gate heard I on the other hand
grate with grinding.
The sun I saw: it seemed to me
as on God Almighty I gazed;
lowly before him the last time I bowed,
in this world of living wights.
On the norns’ settle sate I nine days;
to the loftiest was I then lifted;
out of clouded sky cruelly shone
the sun that lights dead souls.
Meseemed, through seven seats of victory
I fared, without and within;
below and above I sought better ways,
where most easily I could fare.
Now sooth I say of what first I saw
as I passed to the world of pain:
with singed wings, birds—souls they were
flew there as many as midges.
From the West saw I the Water-dragon fly—
he lighted on Lucifer’s path;
his wings he shook so that far and wide
were heaved up heaven and hell.
The Sun-stag saw I, from the South faring—
he tethered the two together;
with his feet standing steadfast on earth,
his horns touching very heaven.
The lay which now learned thou hast
thou shalt speak and spread ’mongst the quick:
the Sun Song, which in sooth will be
found to be lying least.
Now must we part, but shall meet again
when we rise again in gladness;
may our dear Lord grant their rest to the dead,
and eke his love to the living."

Sólarlióth, the Sun Song; containing elements of both the old and the new worldview, of the Old Norse pantheon and of the Christian God.
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