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This is the passage grave known as "The Giant's Oven". As is often the case with megalith tombs, its size has made it a prime candidate for a giant-related origin story. There is, however, another story of how it came to be:
Ekornavallen, the burial ground where the passage grave is located, is situated about halfway between the monastery ruins at Varnhem and Gudhem. The story goes that the monks at Varnhem desperately wanted to dig a tunnel to reach the nuns at Gudhem (for reasons unknown *blink, blink*). Their orientation skills seem to have been inferior to their randiness though, as Ekornavallen is where they emerged (to great disappointment, one can imagine) and The Giant's Oven is what is left of the hole they dug.
You gotta love a story about lecherous monks with shovels ...
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