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Through most of our history, we gazed at the Universe and saw only ourselves. When disaster struck, it was a clear indication that the gods were wroth and that Mankind was the target of their anger. Likewise, when times were good and the harvests plentiful, this was an obvious sign that the people had been blessed and that its collective actions had pleased the deity in charge. We did not have the tools, the knowledge or the humility to see that nature had its course independent of human activities and that we were conceited to think that we held a privileged spot in this Universe not made for us.
Perhaps the most telling example of Man's egocentrism, is our inclination to see patterns in nature that foretell the courses of individual human lives or the fortunes of specific human endeavours. Through the ages, these omens could be anything that in some way differed from what was considered normal at the time and place of their sightings. Thus, they were always related to the local political, cultural or religious situation of the time. This meant that the same omen could mean different things from one valley to the next and between one year and the following one, and that they always spelled doom or salvation for just Us, rather than for some other group of people at some other place. As time went by, entire occupations and classes of professional interpreters appeared, whose interpretations was made truth and which had a tendency to go hand in hand with their own interests or the interests of those in command. Organized religion happened.
The lunar eclipse is one such omen. It is fairly easy to see how the red colour of a bloodmoon could be considered menacing. This is not merely a cultural invention, however, as we even seem to have a evolutionary aversion to the colour red; in a very physical sense, it makes us feel more insecure and threatened when confronting it. Thus, the lunar eclipse has often been interpreted as a bad omen, and in many cultures it has been described as an attack on the moon by some fearsome creature of gigantic size, but if this creature was a crocodile or wolf was decided by which animal from the local fauna was the most dangerous.

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