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The scrapheap and the flower meadow could be a metaphor for human history and our relationship with nature. They are both an effect of, and testament to, man's ingenuity and his long history of interacting with, using, abusing and imposing his will upon the world. This long history has resulted in our cultural landscape of today, where many of the phenomena we consider "natural", such as fields and deep woods, are often an effect of Man's toil and his will to power, wealth and sustenance. This history is ongoing and we humans will continue to impact our surroundings; the traditional cultural landscape of a hundred years from now (if we manage to survive that long) will in all probability be radically different from now and our conceptions of culture, tradition and history likewise altered. The meadow (or hayfield) is a good example of this Man's impact, as it is dependant on our traditional forms of haymaking for its existence ... and as our agriculture gets more and more industrialized the number of meadows in nature will decrease. Is this bad? By our standards ... sure. By the standards of back when or of tomorrow ... who knows? Our sense of taste and of morale keep evolving as much as the cultural landscape does. 
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