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The runes on this stone in Västanåker, Lidköping municipality, reads:

"[...] raised the stone after his son, Gudmar (?). He was slain in England."

As with the Västanåker stone, most other runestones are also memorials to people dead or lost in foreign lands and are often quite similar in their wording. The wording tends to follow this simple formula:

"X raised this stone after Y, who was Z. B chiseled the stone."

These stones are some of our premier sources of knowledge concerning the travels of the Viking bands and the international contacts of early medieval Scandinavians.
Interestingly, the Geats of Västergötland have more or less been thought of as stay-at-homers when considering the Viking travels, where the Danes and Norwegians have gotten all of the credit for going west and the Swedes for going east. Though the narrowness of the Geatish coastline might have reduced the amount of travel, the sources, as seen in the picture, paint another picture.
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