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These Bronze Age petroglyphs by the shore of Lake Vänern, at Odensvik (Odin's Cove), are somewhat unusual by West Geatish standards.
The most spectacular rock carvings in Sweden are to be found in Bohuslän on the west coast (where the UNESCO heritage site at Tanum houses the most famous ones), but the inland region of Västergötland doesn't have the same abundance of motifs as the Bohuslän carvings exhibit. The most common motif among West Geatish petroglyphs are without a doubt the small bowl-like pits known as cup carvings (the same can be said for Sweden, Europe, or indeed the World, as a whole). Thus, the photographed petroglyphs above, which apart from the aforementioned cup carvings also consist of simple motifs of circles within circles and symbolic footprints from some long forgotten deity*, unremarkable and awe-inspiring at the same time, stand out in the region.

*As with all non-literary sources from the ancient world, the original meaning of the Bronze Age petroglyphs has been lost to time. Our interpretations of their motifs are therefore, and will remain, pure guesswork (however inspired, intricate or logical the guesses).
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